NOTE: This is the platform from our 2013 campaign for NYC Comptroller. We’re in the process of updating it for 2016 and adapting it for State Senate relevance.    

Julia Willebrand’s Platform

The independently elected Comptroller can provide a counterbalance to the City’s executive and legislature. The auditing and contract approval powers of the comptroller used in a robust manner can enhance many aspects of the lives of City residents and the Comptroller’s “bully pulpit” can promote much needed change. I will advocate for:

  • ESTABLISHING A MUNICIPAL BANK – Declare economic sovereignty from the multi-national banks that are responsible for much of the current economic crisis. By creating a public owned bank we can use our tax revenue to invest in our City and its people. Investing Public Bank funds in energy solutions (wind, solar, tidal wave) that will create jobs for New York.
  • DIVESTING NYC RETIREMENT PLANS (NYCERS) FROM FOSSIL FUEL – The city will continue to experience Sandy Hooks until there is a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions. Divesting a portion of NYC’s $100 billion dollar retirement fund from fossil fuels to invest in sustainable energy sources is a step on the road to ending climate change.
  • ENDING CORPORATE WELFARE – NYC spends $4 billion dollars yearly on corporate subsidies. Diverting at least 50% of those unearned dollars to support education, health care, affordable housing, and other vital social services and to assist the approximately 200,000 unemployed New Yorkers will benefit more than just the 1%.
  • PRESERVING AND CREATING AFFORDABLE HOUSING – Repeal vacancy decontrol. Use the same formula to calculate rent increases for both Rent Control and Rent Stabilization tenants. Mount a comprehensive effort to house the homeless.
  • REFORMING THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM – Institute election reforms including same-day voter registration and Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) for citywide and council offices
  • REFORMING THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM – Require police officers to actually live in the city. Legalize marijuana and end the phony war on drugs. End the practice of Stop and Frisk.
  • PASS A LIVING WAGE BILL – Many localities have already passed living wage laws. New York must immediately raise the minimum wag to $9.00 while gradually working toward a living wage of  16.00 an hour without benefits ($18.50 with).
  • REVITALIZING OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM – End the for-profit Charter Schools attack on public education.
  • BAN FRACKING – End the possibility of poisoning our water system and destroying the living environment through hydraulic drilling in NY State.