Dr. Willebrand was the 2001 Green Party nominee for Mayor of New York, coming in fourth in the election with 7,155 votes, just behind Alan G. Hevesi, who ran as the Liberal Party candidate.

In 2006, the Green Party of New York State nominated Julia as their candidate for New York State Comptroller. In that race, she was once again opposed by Hevesi, the incumbent. Hevesi’s admission of some wrongdoing in using state employees for family and personal services resulted in a loss of support and stimulated interest in Willebrand’s campaign. Critics of Hevesi and past Comptrollers hold that the historical mismanagement of these investments has garnered pollution, looting of regions, pension losses and even wars.

Willebrand campaigned on sustainable investments. She believes that the redirection of those investments toward wise-growth can translate to positive economic change nationally and internationally. Willebrand has said that she will look to the Government Pension Fund of Norway as a model of sustainable socially responsible investment, stating that she “…will use the power of the Comptroller as sole trustee of $115 billion in retirement investments as an instrument of peace, joining other states efforts to end the genocide in Darfur by divesting from companies doing business in Sudan.”

The Green Party of New York State

We are a statewide organization of citizens working to establish a peaceful, just, and environmentally sane world for the generations to come. We believe a global society of hope and true prosperity must be founded on the four Green principles of ecology, social justice, democracy, and nonviolence.

We come from, and make common cause with, all of those involved in grassroots movements for the protection of the environment, for peace, safe energy, sustainable communities, international solidarity and democracy, and for the human rights for all peoples: workers, women, gays, disabled, people of color, indigenous peoples, and all minorities, regardless of spiritual belief.

We support all nonviolent means of establishing a just society including rallies, demonstrations, boycotts, citizen initiatives, civil disobedience, building alternative institutions, and electoral politics. We, in pursuit of our goals, seek the support of all the people. Our shared purpose is to find the path to an evolving and sustainable society.

The Green Vision

  • ECOLOGICAL RESPONSIBILITY – Greens recognize that the Earth sustains all life processes. Whatever  we do to the web of life we do to ourselves.
  • NONVIOLENCE – Greens reject violence as a way of settling disputes. We are working to create a world where war is obsolete; a peaceful world, free of obsession with military domination; a world where economic and social resources are fairly allocated
  • GRASSROOTS DEMOCRACY – Greens believe in direct participation of all people in social, economic, and environmental decisions that affect their lives.
  • SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC JUSTICE – Greens are committed to economic alternatives that meet the financial and social needs of all people. We will work for greater self-sufficiency through economic initiatives, relying on local resources, local people, & appropriate technology.
  • DECENTRALIZATION – Greens work to establish power and responsibility within local communities in an overall framework of ecologically sound and socially just values.
  • COMMUNITY-BASED ECONOMICS – Greens seek a new economics based upon the natural limits of the Earth; an economic system which meets the basic needs of everyone on the planet, under democratic, decentralized control.
  • FEMINISM – The Green movement is profoundly influenced by feminism. The ethics of cooperation and understanding must replace the values of domination and control.
  • RESPECT FOR DIVERSITY – Greens honor the biological diversity of the Earth and the cultural, sexual, and spiritual diversity of Earth and all its people.
  • PERSONAL AND GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY – Greens are committed to global sustainability and international justice through political solidarity and through personal lifestyles based on sufficiency as the principle for living on the Earth.
  • FUTURE FOCUS – Greens seek a society where the interests of the seventh generation are considered equal to the interests of the present. We must reclaim the future for our children.

Green Party of the United States
For information on the Green Party of the US, our national Green  Party, please visit www.gp.org