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Senate, House move toward vote on budget deal.

Is the crisis over? Perhaps for now but, not for long.

Unfortunately, the deal is not a “solution” to the Republicrat/Demican created crisis. It is simply a temporary fix.

The deal proposed today would extend U.S. borrowing authority until February 7 and fund government agencies until January 15.  So, in fact, the “deal” sets up the prospect of yet another showdown early in 2014. Each Republican showdown has led to concessions by the Democrats.  Each concession has hurt the 99% and rewarded the 1% with a bigger share of a smaller pie.  Since neither party has experienced much electoral damage despite the pain the 99% suffered, it appears the gerrymandered system is working for them.

CNN analysts report that the government shut-down  is costing Americans more than 100 million dollars a day.  As of today that is a loss of 1.6 billion dollars. Money that could have been spent on health care, job creation and infrastructure repair. And the amount could balloon if the shut-down continues. If this shutdown is followed by a debt default, it could cause a world crisis that it is estimated to cost 4.2 percent world GDP.  Are these terrible outcomes simply because a Republican controlled House decided to link an ideological issue, the drive to kill Obamacare,  to their power to shutdown the government? Or has the crisis worked for both parties?

The Republican and Democratic Parties blame each other, but they are playing a duopoly game. Gerrymandering protects Democrat and Republican candidates from electoral challenge. Democrats are put in one district, Republicans in another and they concede races to each other. Entire states are “red” or “blue” and a few “battleground”  determine national elections.

The inherent flaw of  two party system is directly responsible for the government “shutdown” which has curtailed government services, furloughed government employees and forced some of them to work without pay.

This duopoly game would not be possible in a vibrant multi party system. This crisis demands that the two party duopoly be ended and the system be opened to additional parties with new ideas to save our democracy. If there was ever a time our country needed another path, it is now and we hope more Americans will look to the Greens for a third way.

A Green vote can be the road to change.


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Green Team 2013 Campaign Strategy Meeting

Revving up the campaign. The gangs all here.

Julia Willebrand
Green Party

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