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Julia says “NO!” to REBNY

Julia with Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies Director Ray Rogers

The right to safe, affordable housing is a basic Green Party value. We fully support the efforts of union organizer and activist, Ray Rogers, and his Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies.

From the campaign website:
“The Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies seeks to end the political dominance of REBNY and its abuse of economic and political power. REBNY’s top policymakers have been described as a cartel of bullies and racketeers and REBNY as one of the worst institutions to ever plague NYC.

The Campaign stands by its claims that corrupt activities by many influential REBNY decision-makers and their companies are at the heart of the lack of affordable housing and homeless crisis, thousands of small businesses shutting down, hyper-gentrification and massive displacement, once vibrant neighborhoods disappearing, increasing construction worker fatalities and the compromising of our political system. Please visit and watch the 5-minute animated film ‘BULLIES’.”

Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies
PO Box 1002 Cooper Station
New York, NY 10276-1002

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Race to Represent 2017: Comptroller Debate

Julia was invited by Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) to participate in a Comptroller’s debate, that aired on MNN on Sunday, Oct. 29. Elinor Tatum of the Amsterdam News hosted the debate, which included Liberal Party candidate Alex Merced.

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by | October 30, 2017 · 9:00 am

Julia for Comptroller 2017

Julia Willebrand is running as the 2017 Green Party candidate for New York City Comptroller. Our campaign, Julia for Comptroller 2017, is registered with the Board of Elections and with the NYC Campaign Finance Board, and, so, officially underway. Julia joins James Lane, Green Party candidate for NYC Public Advocate at the top of our slate.

Petitioning for Julia, James and our City Council candidates begins on Tuesday, June 6th. If you’re a registered Green in any of the 5 Boroughs of NYC, expect to hear from us for your signature.

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One Democratic State for Palestine/Israel

It’s going to be spectacular. I’ll be moderating a panel, One Democratic State for Palestine/Israel, Saturday at 12 noon. Hope lots of you will get there.


One Democratic State in Palestine/Israel.

The Goals of the Panel Are to Educate Participants and to Stimulate Proposals
for Action to Achieve a One State Solution to Palestine/Israel conflict.

Saturday, May 21st 12:00 pm – 1:50 pm / Rm. 2504
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
524 W 59th St, New York, New York 10019

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Julia for State Senate

Julia Willebrand will be running this year as the Green Party candidate for NY State Senate, representing District 31 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We’ll be gathering signatures for Julia’s designating petition beginning Tuesday June 7th. If you’re a registered Green in the district, we’ll be calling.

Pardon our appearance as we retool our website for 2016.

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They Say “Shutdown”; We Say “Long Live the Green New Deal”! The Green Team 2013 Press Conference: Presenting a Fresh Alternative

Media Advisory                        For Immediate Release

October 26, 2013            Contact: Tom Siracuse at 212-874-2154 or
James Lane at 917-865 2591

They Say “Shutdown”; We Say “Long Live the Green New Deal”!
The Green Team 2013 Press Conference: Presenting a Fresh Alternative

What: Press conference introducing the Green Team 2013

Who: The Green Team 2013, a group of candidates currently running for office in New York City under the Green Party of New York State banner

When: Sunday, October 27th, 2013, 12:30 PM

Where: In front of City Hall, 260 Broadway, Manhattan

Summary: A historic occasion will occur in New York City this Sunday afternoon: a group of public servants who cannot be bought, and who have real solutions to offer the people of New York, will gather at City Hall to present their joint program.

The recent government shutdown in Washington did not surprise the Greens. Both sides are acting irresponsibly. The Greens instead offer a plan – a Green New Deal – to help working people, not the banks; the beleaguered soldier, not the Pentagon; the children of our future, not ExxonMobil.

The team’s three citywide candidates for office ‒ mayoral candidate Anthony Gronowicz, comptroller candidate Julia Willebrand and Public Advocate candidate James Lane ‒ along with several New York City Council candidates ‒ will present their ideas to the media and the public. For those bored with the hollow public spectacle of de Blasio vs. Lhota, the Greens offer something quite unusual: a dose of truth.

List of all Green Team New York City Candidates:

Anthony Gronowicz (Mayor) –

Julia Willebrand (Comptroller) –

James Lane (Public Advocate) –

Carl Lundgren (Borough President (Bronx)) –

Henry J. Bardel (Borough President – Staten Island) – 

Thomas Siracuse (City Council  District 6 – Manhattan) –

Christina (Stina) Gonzalez (City Council District 7 Manhattan) –

John Reynolds (City Council District 11 – Bronx) –

Trevor Archer (City Council District 12 – Bronx) –

Walter Nestler (City Council District 18 – Bronx) –

Evergreen C. Chou (City Council District 20 – Queens) – 

Lynne Serpe (City Council District 22 – Queens) –

Patrick Dwyer (City Council District 43 – Brooklyn) – – Green Team 2013 – Green Party of New York State


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Double Exposure: NYC Green Party candidates on MNN and NY1

Gronowicz for Mayor

Green Party candidates Tony Gronowicz (Mayor), Julia Willebrand (Comptroller), James Lane (Public Advocate and Christina Gonzalez (Council Dist 7) will appear on Ronald Thomas’ “Big Talk” live call-in show  on MNN-TV this Thursday Oct. 17   1-2 PM on MNN-TV channel 56 on Time Warner, channel 83 on RCN and channel 34 on Verizon.

Tony will also be a guest, along with other mayoral candidates, on NY1’s Road to City Hall, hosted By Errol Louis. The show will air live on Thursday Oct. 17 from 7 – 8 PM and repeated at 10PM.

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Senate, House move toward vote on budget deal.

Is the crisis over? Perhaps for now but, not for long.

Unfortunately, the deal is not a “solution” to the Republicrat/Demican created crisis. It is simply a temporary fix.

The deal proposed today would extend U.S. borrowing authority until February 7 and fund government agencies until January 15.  So, in fact, the “deal” sets up the prospect of yet another showdown early in 2014. Each Republican showdown has led to concessions by the Democrats.  Each concession has hurt the 99% and rewarded the 1% with a bigger share of a smaller pie.  Since neither party has experienced much electoral damage despite the pain the 99% suffered, it appears the gerrymandered system is working for them.

CNN analysts report that the government shut-down  is costing Americans more than 100 million dollars a day.  As of today that is a loss of 1.6 billion dollars. Money that could have been spent on health care, job creation and infrastructure repair. And the amount could balloon if the shut-down continues. If this shutdown is followed by a debt default, it could cause a world crisis that it is estimated to cost 4.2 percent world GDP.  Are these terrible outcomes simply because a Republican controlled House decided to link an ideological issue, the drive to kill Obamacare,  to their power to shutdown the government? Or has the crisis worked for both parties?

The Republican and Democratic Parties blame each other, but they are playing a duopoly game. Gerrymandering protects Democrat and Republican candidates from electoral challenge. Democrats are put in one district, Republicans in another and they concede races to each other. Entire states are “red” or “blue” and a few “battleground”  determine national elections.

The inherent flaw of  two party system is directly responsible for the government “shutdown” which has curtailed government services, furloughed government employees and forced some of them to work without pay.

This duopoly game would not be possible in a vibrant multi party system. This crisis demands that the two party duopoly be ended and the system be opened to additional parties with new ideas to save our democracy. If there was ever a time our country needed another path, it is now and we hope more Americans will look to the Greens for a third way.

A Green vote can be the road to change.

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Monday June 10th: “Meet the Candidates Forum” on Staten Island

Green Party candidates Tony Gronowicz (NYC Mayor) and Julia Willebrand (NYC Comptroller) will be on Staten Island Monday evening, June 10th, to participate in a “Meet the Candidates Forum” presented by The Pleasant Plains, Prince’s Bay, Richmond Valley Civic Association. The forum will be held at the CYO (MIV) Community Center at Mount Lorreto, 6450 Hylan Blvd., starting at 7:30pm.

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